It’s Time When It’s the Right Timing

In 2020 after the pandemic hit, I started writing a memoir about my relationships from childhood to adulthood. I wrote raw truth that I’ve kept vaulted for the most part. In 2021 after my moving back to Atlanta I continued writing and finished a very important part of my life. I also joined a well-knownContinue reading “It’s Time When It’s the Right Timing”

Mom’s Broken Mirror

“As newborn babies, we arrived in the world with natural, innate needs that had to be met for us to develop into mature human beings. However, even in the best circumstances, our parents inevitably could not meet all of our developmental needs perfectly. No matter how well-intentioned they were, at certain times they had difficultyContinue reading “Mom’s Broken Mirror”

It is Well with My Soul

As I experience the world suffering with pain from sadness, anger, fear, and grief, which seems to be on another level, I can’t help but think of my demise. Not because I live in fear but because we have no promise of tomorrow or what the day will bring. Come now, you who say, “TodayContinue reading “It is Well with My Soul”

I Abandoned Myself

One of my Christmas presents was a zip file filled with videos from when my son was young. I opened it and watched the first one with tear-filled eyes and tears streaming. It was December of 1999 and not only was it precious memories of my young son but it was his father who leftContinue reading “I Abandoned Myself”

Not Tree Gifts but Need Gifts

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. For many if not the majority it’s a time of pain due to grief. Not just grief from empty chairs at the table but grief from not receiving the gifts we need. Instead of the gifts under the tree let’s give the gifts weContinue reading “Not Tree Gifts but Need Gifts”

Gratitude in Our Pain

I recently had a friend share with me an experience that left them disappointed, sad, and disheartened. As I listened to the pain in their voice, I replied “I’m sorry for your pain, I understand it because I’ve experienced similar. Please understand that first, this has nothing to do with you, so it’s not personal,Continue reading “Gratitude in Our Pain”

People Change Pictures Don’t

When I first started in the automotive business in the early 90s, I sold vehicles in Nashville TN. Across the street from the dealership was a strip club where I sold several vehicles to the dancers. One, in particular, bought several from me. I’ll never forget her. She was stunningly gorgeous. She had real authenticContinue reading “People Change Pictures Don’t”

Its Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

While families gather together next week for Thanksgiving and the holiday seasons begin for many, it’s a very painful time of year for others. Let’s not forget the reasons why it’s not the most wonderful time of the year. The empty chairs at the table remind us that some are missing. They are missing dueContinue reading “Its Not The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year”