I Abandoned Myself

One of my Christmas presents was a zip file filled with videos from when my son was young. I opened it and watched the first one with tear-filled eyes and tears streaming. It was December of 1999 and not only was it precious memories of my young son but it was his father who leftContinue reading “I Abandoned Myself”

Not Tree Gifts but Need Gifts

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. For many if not the majority it’s a time of pain due to grief. Not just grief from empty chairs at the table but grief from not receiving the gifts we need. Instead of the gifts under the tree let’s give the gifts weContinue reading “Not Tree Gifts but Need Gifts”

My Season of Suffering

The season of suffering and being in an unhealthy place often brings out compassion, empathy, love, and understanding as we start entering new seasons. I was in a dark, unhealthy place in my life for a long period. I was suffering from the grief of lost loved ones not only to the grave but alsoContinue reading “My Season of Suffering”