My Religious Trauma

The following was written by Dr. Glennon Patrick Doyle. I have followed and “Liked” 99.9% of his posts but this one is the most relatable. I spent the first 12 years of my life in an institution that met 3 times a week. They had a church sign which made me believe they were safe.Continue reading “My Religious Trauma”

A Change Won’t Do You Good

Sheryl Crow did a song in the mid-90s called “A Change Would Do You Good.” I’m partial to the song even with the abstract lyrics, I’ve applied the course to my life many times. Change is often good. Change is imperative if we want to grow in our environments, like from Blackberry phones to smartphones.Continue reading “A Change Won’t Do You Good”

Feeling Myself

I’ve been sharing some of my childhood trauma with you this week. Abandonment trauma and emotional neglect are real. Just because we never receive it as a child and sometimes through our adult years, that doesn’t mean we don’t crave and desire it. People who grow up with less still desire more. It’s why nobodyContinue reading “Feeling Myself”