Still I Rise

There was a tweet from a therapist regarding whether therapists should tell their patients “I’m proud of you.” The tweet became a conversation that I did not indulge in because I don’t need anybody to tell me they are proud of me because I’m proud of myself. Here’s how you know you’ve come a longContinue reading “Still I Rise”

Are You Ready?

Sometimes our heart’s desires, our dreams, and our purpose is not revealed or come to fruition because we are not ready. The timing of an event is everything. If we receive it too early then we may not be able to handle it. And if we cannot handle it then sometimes what was meant toContinue reading “Are You Ready?”

Are You in a Toxic Relationship?

It’s time to do some more red flags 🚩 on toxic folks, particularly narcissists. We don’t have to have a degree or piece of paper to analyze toxic people. If we know the traits and characteristics then we can assume if the shoe fits then they are wearing it. Unless you’ve lived it, walked theContinue reading “Are You in a Toxic Relationship?”

Don’t Block the Blessing

I wanna share a story about 2 people that did not know each other they only had a mutual friend. The mutual friend had connected them on social media. I’m going to protect their identity & use labels for their names. Girlfriend A fell on some unexpectedly hard times. She had lost all her possessionsContinue reading “Don’t Block the Blessing”

Do You Still Love Me?

Our value is never what people think of us for others’ thoughts are none of our business. Discovering our true value is knowing who we are in silence. That’s where you find your true self. It’s why many folks cannot sit in silence and be alone. Fear rises they may discover they need work andContinue reading “Do You Still Love Me?”

My Season of Suffering

The season of suffering and being in an unhealthy place often brings out compassion, empathy, love, and understanding as we start entering new seasons. I was in a dark, unhealthy place in my life for a long period. I was suffering from the grief of lost loved ones not only to the grave but alsoContinue reading “My Season of Suffering”

From Loving to Leaving

Not everyone will like or love this version of you. You will notice folks get quieter when you start setting boundaries and living life for you. Phone calls and visits get further apart and eventually, communication just stops. They’ve gone from loving you to liking you to leaving you because you started standing up forContinue reading “From Loving to Leaving”

Your Voice, Your Boundaries

Keeping our mouths shut to keep the peace is not always keeping the peace. It may keep peace on the surface but on our insides, our well-being is not at peace. Choose your battles wisely but don’t stay silent to make others comfortable. Your boundaries are your priority! I had a neighbor introduce me toContinue reading “Your Voice, Your Boundaries”