It’s Time

Happy New Year to you. I pray you have left the past in the past. We don’t need to take anger, resentment, grief, sadness, jealousy, and toxic folks into the new year. I pray that our vision boards are filled with words like compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy, and that our goals are toContinue reading “It’s Time”

Not Tree Gifts but Need Gifts

It’s not the most wonderful time of the year for everyone. For many if not the majority it’s a time of pain due to grief. Not just grief from empty chairs at the table but grief from not receiving the gifts we need. Instead of the gifts under the tree let’s give the gifts weContinue reading “Not Tree Gifts but Need Gifts”

Pain, Suffering & Death

Another shocking, heartbreaking, tragedy happened today when we learned of another nationally known talent that left us way too soon due to indescribable pain. Suffering that no amount of fame or fortune can subside the pain. No amount of love from family or friends can stop the suffering. In 2011 my only nephew took hisContinue reading “Pain, Suffering & Death”

Me vs Me in 2023

I spent over 50 years trying to fix things, people, and situations around me for me. I put a lot of energy and time into a lot of people. If you glanced at my resume of helping people and fixing situations it would be deserving of an award. When I stayed isolated for months grievingContinue reading “Me vs Me in 2023”

Be Still and Know God

I’m currently reading a book called Higher Purpose by Robert Holden. He states there are two ways we can slow down. One we can choose it by meditating, praying, and connecting to nature. The second is life chooses it for us through sickness, surgeries, grief, and catastrophic events such as pandemics. While in Enneagram schoolContinue reading “Be Still and Know God”

We Are One Body

Today I graduated from Enneagram school. After 13 years of knowing about the Enneagram, receiving Enneathoughts via email every morning, reading books, attending several Enneagram sessions, and discussing it for over a decade with my shrink, I now have greater respect for it. There were 15 of us in class from all over the world.Continue reading “We Are One Body”

Are You Ready?

Sometimes our heart’s desires, our dreams, and our purpose is not revealed or come to fruition because we are not ready. The timing of an event is everything. If we receive it too early then we may not be able to handle it. And if we cannot handle it then sometimes what was meant toContinue reading “Are You Ready?”

The Higher Power

I wanna talk to the believers. Not to the Christians, not to the church, but to anyone who believes there is a “Universe”, a “Higher Power” a God that knows all, sees all, and empowers us through our gratefulness and the desires of our heart. Manifestations are real through our prayers, faith, and trust. OneContinue reading “The Higher Power”