Sit With Me in the Dark

I was walking the Beltline in Atlanta the other day when a little girl maybe around the age of 10 rolled passed me on her scooter. Earlier I had passed her and her parents so I knew they were right behind me. All of a sudden she lost her balance and fell. You could hearContinue reading “Sit With Me in the Dark”

Love ❤️ is the Target 🎯

If your son, daughter, mother or father or someone you dearly loved was gay, queer, bisexual, transgender, or plus would you be posting the viral videos of Target’s new attire? Would you be so judgmental? Note that Target is behind. They are not the first major retailer to launch attire for PRIDE 🌈 month. NordstromContinue reading “Love ❤️ is the Target 🎯”

It’s Time When It’s the Right Timing

In 2020 after the pandemic hit, I started writing a memoir about my relationships from childhood to adulthood. I wrote raw truth that I’ve kept vaulted for the most part. In 2021 after my moving back to Atlanta I continued writing and finished a very important part of my life. I also joined a well-knownContinue reading “It’s Time When It’s the Right Timing”

Mom’s Broken Mirror

“As newborn babies, we arrived in the world with natural, innate needs that had to be met for us to develop into mature human beings. However, even in the best circumstances, our parents inevitably could not meet all of our developmental needs perfectly. No matter how well-intentioned they were, at certain times they had difficultyContinue reading “Mom’s Broken Mirror”

Let the Wind Blow

Last year was one of the best years of my life. I embraced it and still relish in all of it but truth be told January 1st all hell broke loose and my life went from sunny skies to a tornado touchdown or at least it felt that way. I thought for about 60 daysContinue reading “Let the Wind Blow”

Nothing is as Scary

I’ve done a lot of scary things in my lifetime. I left home when I was 17 years old with a brand new job and brand new bills all in the same week. I was scared to death. I had a baby after unknowingly getting pregnant on birth control pills. The delivery was an emergencyContinue reading “Nothing is as Scary”

God in Drag

I heard an interesting podcast the other day and there was a statement that made me stop and think, research, ponder, and meditate. The statement was “Everybody is God in drag.” To be in drag refers to the performance of exaggerated masculinity, femininity, or other forms of gender. So aren’t we in drag when weContinue reading “God in Drag”

The Snake Dream

Several weeks ago I had a nightmare. I usually don’t meditate much on dreams but this keeps occurring in my mind so I’ve decided to share it with you and what I believe is its meaning. I’m wading in muddy creek water. The water is hitting somewhere between my mid-calf to knees. All of aContinue reading “The Snake Dream”

Same Old Same Old

I asked someone the other day, “How are you doing?” They replied “Same ol’ same ol’.” We’ve heard that reply or something similar at least one hundred times. I’ve said it and you probably have as well. But listen and watch what you say, “Same old same old” equates to nothing changing. And if nothingContinue reading “Same Old Same Old”

Expectation is the Root

One of the most challenging lessons I believe we keep repeating because we are not getting it is “Expectation”. Expectations are attachments to outcomes from people and things. Every day I tell myself “Don’t expect” because I know if I expect then I have an attachment to how I want the outcome. And if theContinue reading “Expectation is the Root”