Are You Ready?

Sometimes our heart’s desires, our dreams, and our purpose is not revealed or come to fruition because we are not ready. The timing of an event is everything. If we receive it too early then we may not be able to handle it. And if we cannot handle it then sometimes what was meant toContinue reading “Are You Ready?”

The Higher Power

I wanna talk to the believers. Not to the Christians, not to the church, but to anyone who believes there is a “Universe”, a “Higher Power” a God that knows all, sees all, and empowers us through our gratefulness and the desires of our heart. Manifestations are real through our prayers, faith, and trust. OneContinue reading “The Higher Power”

The Hows Are Not Up to You

People with overanalyzing brains, like myself, tend to ask the infamous question “How?” a lot. “How” is a word that diminishes hope and dilutes faith. It is ultimately saying if I can’t see the details of the result, I don’t accept it. In my early years of therapy, my shrink would often suggest solutions andContinue reading “The Hows Are Not Up to You”

What World Do You Live In?

Last week I needed a personal recommendation. I posted on my local Nextdoor app and asked my neighbors and neighborhoods who they recommended. Surprisedly, it turned into a contest. Each person wanted to say who they recommended and why and the 50 something comments I received were full of praises and love. Until…. Until thatContinue reading “What World Do You Live In?”