Anger Management

The abandonment wound is real. When abandonment survivors are conditioned to self-abandon and leave themselves to not rock the boat, to meet someone else’s needs, to be loved, and/or to be accepted the lines can get blurred quickly. Underlying rage and anger bleeds into fear and this is where it gets messy. We rather suppressContinue reading “Anger Management”

Love ❤️ is the Target 🎯

If your son, daughter, mother or father or someone you dearly loved was gay, queer, bisexual, transgender, or plus would you be posting the viral videos of Target’s new attire? Would you be so judgmental? Note that Target is behind. They are not the first major retailer to launch attire for PRIDE 🌈 month. NordstromContinue reading “Love ❤️ is the Target 🎯”

Stop Normalizing “Happy”

Can we stop normalizing the word “Happy”? Yesterday was Mother’s Day and everyone keeps saying “Happy Mother’s Day” but everyone I spoke to was everything but happy. Truth be told, people are suffering. They are grieving over losses. They are suffering from the loss of their childhood, their childhood wounds, the wounds of abandonment, andContinue reading “Stop Normalizing “Happy””

Are You Like Samson?

Are you exhausted emotionally? Physically? Mentally? I find most people are one or all three. It occurred to me the other day that I am too. No matter how much sleep I get and I do consistently get 7 hours per night. But no matter how much I exercise to release stress, and no matterContinue reading “Are You Like Samson?”

God in Drag

I heard an interesting podcast the other day and there was a statement that made me stop and think, research, ponder, and meditate. The statement was “Everybody is God in drag.” To be in drag refers to the performance of exaggerated masculinity, femininity, or other forms of gender. So aren’t we in drag when weContinue reading “God in Drag”

The Reviews Are In

In February of 2022 when I applied for a scholarship at Enneagram Georgia I was so excited about the possibility of getting a scholarship. When I tell you I prayed, I prayed every day and I watched my email every day, all day to see if I was a recipient. When I finally got theContinue reading “The Reviews Are In”

Forgiveness Is Key to Our Survival by Marianne Williamson

The consciousness of attack is a spiritual disease and it’s killing us. Every morning when we wake up these days, we can turn on our tablet to see who’s attacking whom. Which country is bombing another country, which politician just attacked another politician, which celebrity just attacked a race of people. The air itself seemsContinue reading “Forgiveness Is Key to Our Survival by Marianne Williamson”

It’s Time

Happy New Year to you. I pray you have left the past in the past. We don’t need to take anger, resentment, grief, sadness, jealousy, and toxic folks into the new year. I pray that our vision boards are filled with words like compassion, love, forgiveness, gratitude, and joy, and that our goals are toContinue reading “It’s Time”

The Christmas Card

I opened a Christmas card today from one of my favorite social media influencers. I dedicate this to her today. Dearest Stephanie, I must admit I just now opened your beautiful Christmas card. When I saw your name & return address my eyes became tear-filled. It was tears of gratefulness for you. For you honoringContinue reading “The Christmas Card”

I Abandoned Myself

One of my Christmas presents was a zip file filled with videos from when my son was young. I opened it and watched the first one with tear-filled eyes and tears streaming. It was December of 1999 and not only was it precious memories of my young son but it was his father who leftContinue reading “I Abandoned Myself”