Anger Management

The abandonment wound is real. When abandonment survivors are conditioned to self-abandon and leave themselves to not rock the boat, to meet someone else’s needs, to be loved, and/or to be accepted the lines can get blurred quickly. Underlying rage and anger bleeds into fear and this is where it gets messy. We rather suppressContinue reading “Anger Management”

Stop Normalizing “Happy”

Can we stop normalizing the word “Happy”? Yesterday was Mother’s Day and everyone keeps saying “Happy Mother’s Day” but everyone I spoke to was everything but happy. Truth be told, people are suffering. They are grieving over losses. They are suffering from the loss of their childhood, their childhood wounds, the wounds of abandonment, andContinue reading “Stop Normalizing “Happy””

Thrown Out Like Bubble Gum

I was listening to the great Wayne Dyer the other day. He was telling a story about how he and his brother had been orphaned. His dad was an alcoholic and abandoned them. Wayne spoke of his addiction to drugs and alcohol. He says he went to his father’s grave to piss on it whenContinue reading “Thrown Out Like Bubble Gum”