9/11 Challenge

I’ve watched for the past week and in recent days, the interviews of children, spouses, and families that were traumatized from 9/11. It’s been 20 years later and they still have vivid memories and painful ones. They still have bad days when grief comes at the most unexpected time. As an empath, I can hardlyContinue reading “9/11 Challenge”

You’ll be ok, just not today

I wanna talk about grief today. It’s a painful day, for me, my son, and his dad’s family. Today would’ve been my son’s dad’s 60th birthday. Grief is so unmanageable. We never know when that smell, that song, that memory is going to pop in our mind. We never know when it’s going to happenContinue reading “You’ll be ok, just not today”

Locks are on the inside of addiction

A friend shared with me part of her story. I listened to her share her dreams about her future and what she felt was best for her because she wasn’t exactly happy where she was now. She wanted to start a new life in a new city, a new home, a new job, make newContinue reading “Locks are on the inside of addiction”

My Dealing to Healing story

This is my Dealing to Healing story. I hope as you read it that you feel inspired, that you know that there are no coincidences and God is real. In 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia, I felt a shift in my life. I kept telling my sister, I feel a shift. I don’t have the wordsContinue reading “My Dealing to Healing story”