Reasons to Let Them Go

It seems I’ve fallen off blogging regularly this week but I’m super focused on a multitude of personal things including my son’s wedding. I’m also putting a lot of time and attention into my Enneagram sessions. The same item that seems to come up is toxic relationships and/or relationship changes. It’s not surprising to learnContinue reading “Reasons to Let Them Go”

Thankful for You

Thanksgiving Eve, I was communicating with one of my cousins on social media. It was during our communication that I realized my mom had been gone for 3 years on Thanksgiving day. When I realized it, my heart sank and I suddenly felt sad. I was already feeling off balance due to the holiday seasonContinue reading “Thankful for You”

That Didn’t Feel Good

While I was in Enneagram school, I learned that I am I “think and do” type and I suppress my feelings. That was hard for me to digest because I thought that I was a “feeler and doer” more than a thinker. So I bought another Enneagram book to understand this challenge. Fast forward IContinue reading “That Didn’t Feel Good”

Gratitude in Our Pain

I recently had a friend share with me an experience that left them disappointed, sad, and disheartened. As I listened to the pain in their voice, I replied “I’m sorry for your pain, I understand it because I’ve experienced similar. Please understand that first, this has nothing to do with you, so it’s not personal,Continue reading “Gratitude in Our Pain”

The Reformer

I feel like I know an Enneagram-type one but it’s not confirmed. Are you an Enneatype One? Or do you know someone? Find out by reading the characteristics and behaviors. The One is called the Reformer. They have essential qualities like goodness, sacredness, and purity. Their basic desire is to be “good” along with virtuousContinue reading “The Reformer”

Be Still and Know God

I’m currently reading a book called Higher Purpose by Robert Holden. He states there are two ways we can slow down. One we can choose it by meditating, praying, and connecting to nature. The second is life chooses it for us through sickness, surgeries, grief, and catastrophic events such as pandemics. While in Enneagram schoolContinue reading “Be Still and Know God”

It’s Not Personal

I think one of the hardest lessons to learn in life is that nothing anyone does has to do with you. Years ago I read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, his second agreement to make with yourself is Don’t Take Anything Personally. It’s also part of the Enneagram platform. Understanding ourselves and theContinue reading “It’s Not Personal”

Instinct and Intuition Types

Enneatype 8 and 9 have much in common. They both have the same instinct centers associated with our belly which mean our inner intelligence comes from our instinct and intuition. When we are open to our instinct we are shutting out our ego personality and acting on the instinctive center qualities. When we are openContinue reading “Instinct and Intuition Types”

Lost as Last Year’s Easter Egg

I shared the behaviors and characteristics regarding my enneagram type 8. “Power” tops the list of characteristics. One of the first behaviors you’ll notice about this type is their power. We tend to believe power is a good thing. Many want it but few don’t understand the extremities of it. From birth, I have believedContinue reading “Lost as Last Year’s Easter Egg”