Don’t fight the feeling (8/20/21)

Fighting feelings are always tough but fighting intuition is really dismissing a blessing. Remember that prayer you prayed? Your answer just may be in your intuition guiding you to something better or saving you from someone or something. My mother called this her sixth sense. I learned at an early age to know when the gut was talking to me but I’ve dismissed it so many times, that I know my guardian angel shakes their head with grace. But this week, I did not dismiss it. I actually canceled a trip to Las Vegas to take a journey to see people that I felt I needed to see. To check off my bucket list. To find out some answers and to heal. Because don’t we all need that? Answers, checks by our bucket lists and healing? Remember this the next time you get that gut feeling. You don’t have to explain it, justify it, or get permission, just go with your gut and know that you are listening to the only person that matters. You! #dealingtohealing

The Security Blanket (8/19)

Growing up did you have a favorite childhood blanket? I did! It started out brand new and really nice but by the time I was 5 or 6 years old, it looked awful. It had holes in it, strings coming off it, it had been washed 100 times and looked like it was ready for the trash can. I remember my mother trying to toss it but I was not letting that happen. No! I loved that blanket no matter how worn or torn or raggedy it looked, it was my security. People are also like childhood blankets. We pick a partner and we are so in love with them. We love everything about them. We want to be with them all the time, go on trips with them, and basically not leave home without them, much like carrying our childhood security blanket around. Over time, we care a little bit less about the partner that we picked because we begin to see they’re not as attractive as they were in the beginning, we begin to see holes in them, the beauty starts to fade. But instead of getting a new partner, we keep hanging on to them because it’s our security blanket. No matter how toxic, ugly, or raggedy they become we just keep hanging on to them because that’s our security blanket. That partner or person in your life that is toxic, the mask has fallen off, the real deal has been exposed…LET THEM GO! Get rid of them like you would your childhood blanket. They no longer serve a purpose. They do not keep you secure. They are really just a bunch of threads just barely intact. They are really just gone. Let go of what’s already gone. #dealingtohealing

My hardest lessons (8/18)

The hardest lessons in life for me is to learn you cannot help everyone because some people don’t want help. You cannot save everyone because some people don’t know they are drowning. You can’t love everyone because some people are not lovable. You have to treat them like a lion when they think they’re a house cat. You can’t believe everyone because some people believe their own lies. You can’t trust everyone because some people are just not honest. You can’t loose yourself by trying to fix everyone’s problems. #dealingtohealing

Connections are not Coincidental

Everyone in life has a purpose to serve others. Even though I’m not always sure when I meet or connect with someone what their purpose is in my life, or my purpose is for their life, immediately. I just know it’s not coincidental when we meet and connect. People meet for a reason, even if it’s just a season. We serve a purpose for others. We are not just here to work, make money, pay bills and buy stuff. We are not here to be self serving. At the end of the day, ask yourself, what is your purpose for others? What is it that you feel passionate about doing for others? I have a friend that enjoys making people happy and she does that by being a floral designer because flowers make people happy. I personally want to help people to know that they are not alone with life experiences, they are not the only one who feels this way or that way, they are not the only one with “issues”. Many times people suppress their true self out of fear and judgment from others but once they know you’ve experienced it too or feel the same way too, they feel connected to you. My goal is to touch just one life with one post at a time. I know I have to open myself up if I truly want the same from others. It’s called relationship building and it’s the foundation for trust. Finding your passion, your purpose, using your gift is the best reward. Be open, measure the energy, and embrace connections because the connections are not coincidental. #dealingtohealing

What’s left is LEFT

I was talking with a friend the other day, about making changes in life, with new chapters and new seasons. I told her that when you are on a race track and you make that sharp left turn you cannot see what’s behind you. You cannot see what’s in the rearview mirror. It’s the same in life when you decide to move forward with a new chapter, if you turn hard enough, and you’re committed to winning, you won’t see anything behind you. Go so hard that you won’t see it ever again. We are not supposed to look back, go back or think back. It’s why the windshield is bigger than the back window. It’s why in Genesis 19, God told Lot’s wife to flee Sodom and Gomorrah and not to look back because the cities were being destroyed. She did look back and she turned into a pillar of salt. What is it that you need to leave behind? What or who is keeping you from winning? I don’t know about you but I’m turning a hard left and what’s left is LEFT! #dealingtohealing

This is the Day (8/15/2021)

Yesterday was my birthday again. Between the direct messages, text messages, gifts and visits, it was a perfect day. As I closed out my honored day, I couldn’t help but think, what if we celebrated like it was our birthday daily, weekly, monthly. I think we deserve special treatment more than one day a year. Take your 1/2 birthday, which mine would be on a day of love, February 14 and celebrate twice a year. Celebrate you more and celebrate with family and friends. Life is what you make it. You don’t have to wait until special occasions or holidays to receive or send gifts. Who made that the standard and who says we have to follow it. According to the good book we are to rejoice in every day because it’s a gift. Psalms 118:24 says…This is the day that Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Life is short and we have no promise of tomorrow, no promise of another birthday or holiday. Live like you’re dying and celebrate you and others now. #SundaySermon #dealingtohealing

The Others Will Help (08/13/2021)

The world is a dangerous place not because of evil but because those that look on and do nothing. ~ Albert Einstein

I was out of town staying in a hotel and while I was there, the elevator went out. I came in loaded down with bags from shopping and food to go. After finding out I was going to have to make multiple trips and climb 6 flights of steps, I patiently stood in line at the front desk to complain and ask for assistance. A man of color and his child was in front of me and was complaining too. The guy at the front desk basically told him, “sorry”‘and said they were working on repairing it. Then it was my turn, after having a polite but firm conversation with him, the front desk guy offered to comp my room. I agreed and said, but you must comp his too and I pointed to the man and his child. The front desk guy was really taken back that I had demanded that he comp this guy’s room. A guy I did not even know, never had a conversation with him but I only thought it was right to comp his room too since his complaint was the same as mine. The front desk guy did and the man w the child thanked me. My point is…be a voice, help others who may not feel as though they can speak up, pay it forward, ask how someone is doing and really listen to them. Quit thinking you don’t have time or someone else can do it. You can do it. If you really want to be blessed and sow good seed, do good deeds, and be kind, help people. I promise it will make you feel like a hero by just doing the right thing.