Traits of a narcissist

Drop a 💔 in the comments if you know a narcissist!
I’ll go first 💔💔💔 I’ve known a few and I’m not using the term narcissist lightly. I’m talking about a real, live, true narcissist. There are many types but the ones I’ve known personally have the following traits:

They do not respect boundaries and when you stay firm on your boundary, they give you the silent treatment to prove THEY are in control of the relationship.
You are a reflection of their image. You must ALWAYS look the part…gut in, make up on, hair to perfection, never a make up line, panty line, shoes polished and no gaining weight. Model image 24/7.
If there is $100, they’ll spend $99 on them and $1 on you.
They’ll gaslight you, get you mad, just so you say sorry for every four letter word you called them.
They are not capable of telling the truth. They lie to themselves and to everyone else.
They are addicts of narcotics, alcohol, sex, pornography, often more than one of these.
They have zero empathy but award winning actors/actresses. You’ll think they have it at times. They’ll fake a tear or two and sometimes say “I’m sorry” but make note, it’s not real. They’ll hang up the phone on you quicker than you can finish saying “she died”. Yes! That happened.
They are energy vampires. Get ready to give up your soap operas and reality shows. They’ll always have drama.
They build their value on their image. If the people aren’t liking, commenting, swooning, and putting them on a pedestal, they feel worthless and get depressed.
I’m going to stop there. They’ll be more stories to come on narcissists. I could write a book on them. And maybe I will do just that! Until next time, if you feel like it, write down the traits of your narcissist. See how many compare to the list. Just know you will not change them and no contact is the only way to move forward. The only way!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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