Nothing is as Scary

I’ve done a lot of scary things in my lifetime. I left home when I was 17 years old with a brand new job and brand new bills all in the same week. I was scared to death. I had a baby after unknowingly getting pregnant on birth control pills. The delivery was an emergencyContinue reading “Nothing is as Scary”

Reasons to Let Them Go

It seems I’ve fallen off blogging regularly this week but I’m super focused on a multitude of personal things including my son’s wedding. I’m also putting a lot of time and attention into my Enneagram sessions. The same item that seems to come up is toxic relationships and/or relationship changes. It’s not surprising to learnContinue reading “Reasons to Let Them Go”

From Loving to Leaving

Not everyone will like or love this version of you. You will notice folks get quieter when you start setting boundaries and living life for you. Phone calls and visits get further apart and eventually, communication just stops. They’ve gone from loving you to liking you to leaving you because you started standing up forContinue reading “From Loving to Leaving”