The Chosen One

I usually only post once a day but you’re in for a treat because my heart is full and I need to speak it. I’m speaking from love but I’m also speaking in real, raw truth.

God can use ANYBODY! I was raised that ONLY those in the church are the only ones God can use. I was taught that it’s only the righteous that God helps but that’s a lie! That’s not the truth. That’s what certain churches teach and what the “doctrines” want you to believe but believe me, when I tell you that God can, does, will use ANYBODY!

If you’ve read my Dealing to Healing story, then you may remember that I went 5 months with zero income in 2020. While Georgia and Tennessee played ping pong on who should pay my unemployment, I sat sick with worry. I was physically ill with stress. I called but never got through, I reached out to sources, I exhausted all avenues. I happen to find a fb group that was for the unemployed in Georgia. A woman’s name came highly recommended in this group. She was only on Twitter. I followed her and reached out to her. She was overwhelmed with messages because she did not work directly for the state. She advocated for the unemployed. She was selfless and became an acting agent for us.

She had limited times that you could reach out to her via instant message on Twitter. Every time I tried, she was full. Then one day, I opened Twitter and the first post I saw was her post that she had a few openings. I immediately sent her a message and my needed information. She responded right back, told me to keep my phone close, I was first on the list to call, to answer it from an “unknown” number. A little while later, I received a call from a woman at the Department of Labor. She verified a few things and told me I’d receive all my money soon.

The next week I received 5 months of unemployment, dumped into my account. Thank ya Jesus was being screamed from my home! I thanked this Twitter woman and continued to follow her. After a while of seeing her posts and comments on other’s post, I realized that she was agnostic or atheist. She did not believe in God but yet God used her to help me. As I recall, when I thanked her, I said “God bless you.”

So let me tell you, you who don’t believe, you who think you’re too bad to be picked, you who haven’t stepped foot in a church in forever, you who thinks nobody loves you including God. I’m talking to you. You are the chosen one! God uses those who have a story to tell. Who have a testimony, you who are passionate about life-changing experiences. It’s not the usual suspects he’s needing, it’s you that he needs. Trust me on this one. I know because he’s using me. And I’m a hot mess! Don’t doubt your intuition, don’t doubt that small voice that’s speaking to you, don’t doubt your gut feeling. Go with it and ask God to guide you and help you. If you say it and mean it, he most definitely will!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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