In Charge to Change

There’s so much value placed on social media. If you want to get a book deal the question comes up, “How many followers and subscribers do you have?” If you want to be monetized for your post, the same question applies. My take on this is I’m staying true to my commitment. I said from the very beginning if I reach just one person through my posts or blog, my mission has been accomplished. For me, it’s about sharing my story and having just one resonate with it.

I know that my content is not for everyone. Many do not resonate with the abandonment wound, understand the word narcissist much less relate to it in relationships and there are lots of questions about the word awakening.

Everyone has something, something from their childhood, something in relationships, anxiety, depression, some type of pain, or grief. It’s hard for many to admit it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Avoidance is one of the biggest handicaps in our society. We resist pain and we resist processes because pain and process mean change. We do not want to change but we have this belief that if we just change the people around us that we will be better.

We spend too much energy and time trying to figure out how to change someone. We even want them to change their thoughts about us. It’s almost laughable when you think about the absurdity of it. How are we going to change what someone thinks? What I’ve learned through working on myself is we cannot focus on others, not what they think about us, what they do, believe, or feel. All we have control of is us. I’m in charge of me and you are in charge of you. That’s it!

I cannot say it enough or loud enough, when I stopped putting my energy into others, when I became in charge of my life that’s when it changed. Within 2 years I got a better job, bought a home, started writing a book, started a blog, my finances improved, and my quality of life improved all because I stopped being the wind beneath other people’s wings.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but stop. Stop putting so much energy into others. Trying to change them will not make you a better human being. You are already enough. Everyday that goes by and you pour into others more than yourself you are missing out on you. You can’t get time back. The word “no” is a complete sentence and it is in your vocabulary. I encourage you today to take charge of your life to find the change to live your best life.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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