The Power of Positivity

This is my affirmation today. I need to read this, hear this and say it daily to make up for the years lost to the negativity that was spoken to me. That was the old me. The new me speaks positivity to myself and only allows positivity from others about me.

I did not grow up in a positive environment. The sky was always falling. Something deep within me knew the sky wasn’t falling but as a child, I had to go with the flow. Remember you never change the flow of a narcissist. I went with the flow but I hated it because words didn’t match actions. My mother would say “we are broke” as she shopped at only the best department stores and boutiques. I knew we didn’t have a stack of money to burn but broke I was not believing. Having a “victim” mindset, she played poor to get more. And yes, today folks walk around with their hand out playing poor to get more.

Now if I hear the word “broke”, it triggers me. I tell anybody who speaks it “Don’t say that!” I mean if you’re not really broke which I equate to homeless and starving then don’t speak those words over your life. I call it bad juju. If you have all you need with food, water, and shelter, you are not broke. You are actually blessed. Nothing should be taken for granted.

I take words spoken over me so seriously now that I fired a professional relationship a couple of weeks ago because he said he wanted to see if my project “panned out”. That was the term he used and it spoke negativity to me and my life. My thoughts said “I’m over here praying night and day for this to happen, I’m believing for this and having the faith of a mustard seed, I’m asking my tribe to pray too and you’re over here telling me you want to see if it pans out!” “Oh yea! You gotta go!” And in the words of Forrest Gump “and just like that,” I said bye!

Start listening to the words you speak over your life and others speak to you. If they sound like the past, from the abandoned child, the verbally abused adult, the folks that said you’d never be anything, dismiss it immediately. Correct yourself and those who say it. Apologize to yourself for what you said from your wounded self. Move forward with positivity and affirmations that bring only love into your life.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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