Growth is the Power of Positivity

If you read yesterday’s blog The Power of Positivity then you know my story about my break up with my professional relationship. Here’s the rest of the story.

Even though I was triggered by the phrase “panned out” regarding my project and I felt they were speaking negatively over my dreams and prayers, deep down in my heart I knew it was meant to be. I knew as soon as they spoke the words that they were not one I was supposed to partner with on my project. I knew I had picked them for the sake of convenience but they were not the “chosen one”.

When the “chosen one” the one meant to be is sent to fulfill whatever purpose then the one that’s not supposed to be will be removed. Sometimes they remove themselves but often we have to remove them. Let me put it another way, as long as we stay with people that don’t support us, love us through their actions, and give us what we need, the chosen one won’t come. Sometimes it takes a door closing before another one can open.

We may suffer during the transition but we gotta believe and keep believing that someone better is on the way. Sometimes it’s us that have to make the painful decision to close the door. We can put years of time, money, and energy into relationships but if we are not getting what we need from them then it’s time to close the door.

Years ago I had invested in a nice relatively expensive hairdryer. Over time it started not working periodically. One time it would, next time it wouldn’t, it may stop in the middle of me drying my hair. It caused me so much inconvenience and pain but because I had paid a lot for it, I didn’t want to dispose of it so I kept dealing with all of its issues. I tried to have it repaired but it still didn’t work properly. Finally one day, I threw it in the trash. It took me tossing it to buy a new one and I did. It was painful to toss it and spend money on a new one but it had to be done to serve me and fulfill my needs.

I’m not suggesting we toss relationships because people are more precious than things but I use my story to illustrate a point that sometimes we just can’t repair damage in a relationship and the relationship no longer serves us. It’s okay if we’ve picked the wrong person to be in our lives. We make choices based on what we knew at that time on our path. Maybe we realize later, that they are not the chosen one because they no longer fulfill our needs in the relationship due to our growth.

If you need more and desire more then allow the pain and suffering of losing the wrong one to allow the right one, the chosen one to come. And yes, by the way, the chosen one did come about 2 weeks later. We partnered and I love them!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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