The Power of Silence

Those who know me know I’m a sports fanatic. One friend called me a sports junkie. I am usually watching football, baseball, or basketball. I grew up watching football, wrestling, and boxing. In my younger days, I took golf lessons, played golf, and was an enthusiast. My golf game was less than attractive so I gave it up. One thing I know for sure about sports is every single great moment happens in silence.

In the silence is when the ball drops into the hole, the field goal is kicked, the bat is swung, and everyone stays silent to see how far the ball goes until screams emerge for the win. Greatness happens in silence. It’s when the seed grows, it’s when the song is heard, the bird sings and the book is written.

I’ve learned that it’s only when I’m silent that I can experience the greatness of life. As I heal from my trauma I’m embracing the silence. There was a time when I needed noise, and I never stopped. I planned 24/7, worked all day, and played all night. Slept with the tv on, woke up to music, news, and sports. Trauma does that to you. Keeps you busy and keeps the noise on to drown out the truth within you.

As long as we stay busy we don’t have to deal with the trauma. The trauma from abandonment, rejection, and betrayal. Trauma from our childhood that allowed our young eyes to see things we should’ve never seen and now we can’t unsee. Trauma from being an adult in a child’s body. No matter the pain and suffering, you don’t have to deal with it as long as you keep moving. It’s why folks can’t sleep at night. It’s too quiet and they’re too still and all the wounds of their trauma start coming up.

We must understand that until we deal with our trauma and our wounds that we will not heal. In silence, there is pain but there’s always pain before greatness. Every great athlete goes through pain before perfection. But it’s in the silence that it happens. The awakening, the healing, the home run, the field goal, the swing of an iron, and the rewards of life. It’s called the power of silence.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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