Fear Not

I have said this quote several times this past week. I’ve said it to others but I’m also telling myself. My shrink reminds me of this quote and then reintegrates that fear is nothing trying to become something.

Choosing faith is much more challenging than fear. Faith is the bridge we build to where we are going. If we only realized and understood how much fear drives us. Fear is the hallmark of the ego. “It thrives on consumption. The false self continually bombards you with the idea that you must have more in order to be happy. It pushes you toward comparing yourself to other people, to looking at all your acquisitions and saying, “I am better than others and more special because I have a newer car, a bigger house, nicer clothes, and a more attractive partner.”

Being a coward is isimply a symptom of fear. Every lie comes from fear. Insecurities come from fear. Wonder how many people are working jobs they hate and not living their dreams because of fear. Women and men live in abusive situations all because of fear.

Fear does not come from God. It is not a fruit of the spirit, it is not who we are supposed to be. As I’ve researched there are 365 verses in the Bible. Fear is so great that we have to be told every day of the year to “fear not”.

I pray that we can all let go of fear. We can be authentic and free. Know that God does not make mistakes and he’s in control of the Universe. We can trust in him through our faith, instinct, intuition, and prayers answered.

And when fear arises, remember this affirmation.

Remember, when a fearful thought comes up, it is trying to protect you. Isn’t that what fear is all about? When you become frightened, your adrenaline pumps up to protect you from danger. Say to the fear: “I appreciate that you want to help me.” Then do an affirmation about that particular fear. Acknowledge and thank the fear, but don’t give it importance.

Louise Hayl

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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