Don’t Stop Believing

The week of March 6, 2022 has been the best week of my life. My son being born only triumphs this past week. If you don’t believe that God hears prayers, prayers are answered and that unexplained things can happen even if you don’t know how then stop reading here.

My week started with news on Tuesday that my personal project was approved. I will give more details on this when the time is right. Just know that when I say I cannot wrap my brain around it, I know it’s so big and miraculous that only God can make it happen. It’s a dream that I’ve had for 7 years and it’s finally happening.

As I am digesting that fantastic news, I received an email on Saturday morning that was another prayer answered. I applied for a scholarship months ago and received news that I got a full scholarship. More on that later too. I was so overwhelmed with the news, I cried for 30 minutes tears of joy. All I could say is Thank you Jesus.

I finally got my heart to beat at a normal pace Saturday afternoon after opening my morning email. I then went to the mailbox to find my passport. I was told 3 weeks ago it would be 18 weeks to get it so you can see why I was surprised to get it after 3 weeks. My passport is on my vision board for 2022. As I told the lady at the bank who did my cashier’s check for my passport I don’t know where I’m going all I know is when God says GO I’m going. If we wanna be in his will and follow our path, we gotta be ready.

I know with every fiber in me that God is working and moving even when we don’t see it. The dots are connecting even when we don’t know how they are going to connect. My life has done a 360 in less than a year. Two years ago I prayed to die because I was that unhappy and felt hopeless. I thought God abandoned me just like others. I cannot say it enough, never give up! Never believe you are not loved, that God has abandoned you, that prayers are not heard or answered. As I have said multiple times, life can change in a snap. It can change with an email, phone call, text or knock at the door. Hold on and don’t stop believing!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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