Testimony Service

When I was a child growing up in church three times a week, we had a part of the service that was called “testimony”. It was basically where anyone could stand up and share something great that happened to them, a blessing they received, or some wonderful news. After the person told their story, everyone clapped and gave God the glory. I believe it was the original group therapy. It’s old school now because I’m not sure churches do this anymore. Looking back I think it was a part of the service that should’ve been sustained and still done today. If we ever need applause for sharing good news, it’s in today’s world. Too much negativity and too much bad news. We need to share every good thing that happens in our lives and we need applause. We get more excited about seeing a concert or game than we do about something good happening in our friend’s lives.

All that said, I’m going to bring the old school back today and testify about my good news.

If you read my blog last week, you may recall Practice What You Believe. It was my heater story and it went like this. I have a space heater that I lurve, that’s one step above love for those who don’t know. It’s part of my morning and evening ritual since I don’t like the central heat on in the winter. It bothers my sinuses and I don’t sleep well so the space heater knock’s off the early morning chill with my coffee in the mornings. Last night I had it on after my bath and all of a sudden it went out. Just stopped and wouldn’t come back on. I didn’t get upset I just thought well you had a good run for 5 years. I started looking online for another one and this particular one was painfully expensive. More than I wanted to afford. So here I go, “God, I need to find this heater please Lord let me find it for my budget-friendly price.” Now I’m believing as I continue to look online. Then I felt I should go to my NextDoor app just to see if maybe by chance there was one for sale. And as soon as I typed in “heater” it came up. It was a newer model and it came with it’s twin oscillating fan. Both for $30 and it was located 6 miles from me. I reached out to the owner and picked them up this morning.

Now I have another testimony about my vision board. My vision board looks different this year. It’s not pictures but it’s goals and dreams and things I want, not to fulfill me but something I believe will better my life. One of the first items on the “Want” list is a Kindle. Since I’ve been on my detox I’ve been reading and it’s challenging for me due to I get distracted easily and my lack of focus keeps me from comprehending what I’m reading. So often I have to go back and read it again and again. Now I know when I come off the detox, I’m going to have one more distraction and that’s social media. I believe having a Kindle will allow me to read away from my phone. I’ve been researching all e-readers and checking prices Each time I check or look I can’t justify $100 plus dollars just so I can focus. I can turn my phone on do not disturb.

Last Sunday evening I was eating my dinner and scrolling my Google articles. There was an article that said Today Only, Kindle Is Half Price. I thought it was an advertisement but I clicked on it to find out. Nope, it was a real article from a tech company and it was really half price. I clicked on the Amazon link and found it to be less than $50. After reading the fine print and reviews I put it in my cart but I did not buy it. I said to myself, you are being impulsive. Besides, it’s not going to get here until Wednesday and if it’s late you will be chasing it Thursday and you know Thursday is not a good day for you to be chasing Amazon. After dinner, I took a long bubble bath. While I was in the tub meditating and praying, I heard if you were not supposed to get the Kindle, you would’ve never seen the article. My thoughts…Oh! Yes! Pay attention to synchronicity also known as the signs. When I went to bed that evening I went back to my Amazon cart and low and behold they had changed the delivery date and time for the next day between 7 and 11 am. When I woke up Monday morning the first thing I saw was an email from Amazon with a picture of a Kindle at my door. It was even earlier than they predicted.

This is the part y’all clap and give God the glory. Isn’t it exciting when we wish, pray and believe for things and we see them happen before our eyes? I’ve had these 2 things happen recently plus something else happen that I will share another time.

I encourage you to share your good news today. Go old school, do a testimony service with your friends and family on Zoom or Facetime so they can clap for your blessing. The more we are grateful and share our blessings the more we will receive. Thank ya Jesus and Amen!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Testimony Service

  1. Love this!! You are so right – testimonies should still be a part of services along with revivals. I always loved hearing how God was working in other lives. I gave my testimony many times.

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