It’s Like Shifting Gears

Some years ago, I downloaded the Kindle app on my phone and with good intentions, I bought some books but never opened or finished them. One of those books was Instinct by one of my favorites, Bishop T.D.Jakes. This week, I realized I had on my Kindle but only had read a couple of chapters. I’m not sure it had significant meaning to me when I bought it but it is feeding my soul now. He writes about how to find your path, your purpose through your instinct.

As I read this paragraph in the book, it aligned with what I told an old friend this week. I told my friend that his reaction should not be based on someone else’s action. If he wanted to do ABC then do ABC. Don’t say I’ll do ABC if this person or that person does 123. We should be strictly doing us. Not worried or concerned about who is doing what or who is with us or against us.

We should be so focused on ourselves and what we can change and control that we shouldn’t let anybody or nothing stop us from doing what we need to do for us.

We have to accept that as we ascend higher for our purpose there will be many shifts. Like changing car gears. If you wanna go to 2nd gear you’re gonna have to leave 1st gear. If you wanna go to 3rd gear, you gonna have to leave 2nd gear and so on. Folks will completely fall out of your life as you switch gears and you may never have closure but it’s okay because you don’t need it when you trust it’s all a divine plan. You learn to let go like shifting a gear. Just gotta move on if you wanna keep going.

Learning to gravitate to what feels good is essential for your path and purpose. Embrace what you like, like to do, what inspires you, who motivates you. Relish in the feel good. As much as you embrace the things you gravitate to, you have to remove the negative things too. If someone or something irritates you, you feel their energy is bad or something is not right in your relationship with them, that’s your gut talk.

I recently had someone fall completely out of my life. There was not a reason, an apology, or closure. Now the old me would’ve been upset and lost sleep over the relationship. The new me, not so much. I just said they were removed because their season is over in my life. They no longer have a reason to be in my life. I’m going to assume they had bad intentions, they were talking behind my back or something I cannot comprehend but God removed them and I accept it. Period!

It’s a professional athlete mindset. Professional athletes don’t get emotionally attached because they can’t if they want to move forward in their careers. Quarterbacks can’t take their best or favorite running backs with them. Lineman can’t take their other lineman with them. Even though those people were part of their team, their tribe and helped them to achieve their goals. They accept that the season is over and it’s time to move on to the team, city, state to achieve another accomplishment.

Don’t expect and don’t depend because you will get your heart hurt if you try to take folks with you. Keep shifting gears, keep it fluently moving, and don’t look back or beside you to see where everyone else is because their path is different than yours. Don’t let your reaction be based on their action. Believe in yourself with your eyes wide open as you ascend higher and higher.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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