The Reason For The Season

Here’s our reminder of why we have a day called Christmas. I believe many get caught up in the commercialization and try to do bigger and better rather than against our neighbors or ourselves from the previous years. We fall into the trap of marketing and corporate greed trying to buy things the majority of us don’t need. There used to be a day that we waited on Santa Claus to come to get that special item we wanted but that no longer holds true. We have become a society of now, instant gratification and can’t save, can’t wait. We fill our lives with stuff and as soon as the new wears off we are looking for the next thing. In the meantime, the national debt grows because we buy things we can’t afford. While many have a legitimate concern over following the government down the rabbit hole, we should all be worried about following the major corporations and banking industries down the rabbit hole. After all, they are the ones making and taking the profit from America’s small businesses.

Finding a gift within you is better than anything you can buy. Giving your time, cooking a meal for someone, volunteering to help someone move, helping those who cannot help themselves. Many folks are homeless and hungry. Many are grieving and just need a hug, taking the time to send a card or a note is old school but I know many still love it, including me.

And let’s not forget to pray for those hurting due to the loss of loved ones from the pandemic, violence, and climate change. Mental health in this country is the real pandemic. If you don’t believe that watch your local news. We need to pray for strength, wisdom, love and to be united as we are the United States of America. To honor our slogan on our money “In God we Trust”. But above all, we should not forget the reason for the season and that’s Jesus. Merry Christmas!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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