It’s Not What You Are Running To But What You Are Running From

I wanna talk about desperate, bottom of the bottom, sick and tired, tired and sick, miserable, DONE. I have said and felt all of those words. I have said I am so miserable, I will eat out of a dumpster before I continue this situation, I have said God I will do whatever just take away this pain, I have said I am DONE! When we get to any of these points and it’s consistent, I mean it’s not just a bad day, it’s not just a bad week, it’s been going on for months, years, and a season in your life, it is time for a new chapter, a new season. Here is how you know that you are ready for your next chapter and you’re ready for a new season.

You will leave that situation no matter what it is, a job, a relationship, a house, a car, anything that you are done dealing with that thing. And you may not know what is next. You may not know where you going, what you are buying next, you may not know who is next, or what job you are going to land but you know that you cannot do this thing anymore. And you are not even worried about what is next because when you get to that point, it is not about what you are running to but it is what you are running from. Let me say it again when you get sick and tired, you are not worried about what’s next, you are running from that situation.

I explained it like this to someone recently. They said they were miserable but they also didn’t want to go to the next chapter unless this or that happened. I said, “you need to quit worrying about what is next, who is next, where is next because when you get miserable, you will run and you won’t worry about what you are running to.” Then I went on to say, in the movies when they get scared, they get done with something, what do they do? They take off running, they run, jump in the car, drive fast and they don’t know where they are going but the next thing we know, they are jumping off buildings, running off cliffs, driving through road construction, going to places and doing things they never thought they’d do but because they are desperate, they make changes and have no idea where they are going.

We cannot worry about what is next, we have to have faith and trust God. God opens doors but we have to turn door handles. We can’t just expect someone to knock on the door and say “here’s your new partner, job, home, etc..” We have to make investments in ourselves by leaving situations that are zero returns. If we worked as much on ourselves as we did on others, imagine what we could accomplish. Identify what is causing that depression, anxiety, panic attacks, dysfunctional eating patterns, and/or substance abuse. If it’s your environment, reevaluate it. Pray and listen to your intuition and that small voice. And then don’t worry about what you are running to but what you are running from.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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