Hope Is In Hopeless

Now that I’ve had my awakening and I’m on my path of healing and spiritual journey. I realize that the entire world is wounded. Everyone has something! As a good friend of mine said, “Everyone is xxxxxx up whether they know it or not.” I know many have not discovered it, many are in denial, some are further ahead than others on the journey and we are all on different paths.

I believe that prayer for healing is a must. As we continue to fuel division and play the blame game, why don’t we see that everyone is a product of their wounds? Let me say that again, everyone is a product of their wounds! We tend to look at folks with the natural eye and judge them ferociously. Instead of judging, fueling division, and pointing fingers in the blame game, let’s stop and pray for healing. We can’t fix them! We’ve tried! We’ve tried with medications, we’ve tried with our judicial system, we’ve tried with voting this one in and that one out, we’ve tried with therapists, doctors, and priests. We have exhausted all avenues to get folks better but we can’t. Many can’t even get themselves better. Many are trying but we need to keep looking at the man in the mirror instead of flipping the mirror to others. All that said, have we ever thought let’s just pray. Pray for others’ healing! If we put as much energy into prayer and talking to God as much as we talk to others about our problems and other problems, then we might see an uprising in this country that would bring us back to better days. Like the old folks say, “the good ol’ days”. What would you do for better days? What would you do to see healing for your children, your families, the ones nearest and dearest to your heart? I know prayer works and it’s the only thing that can change things from no hope to hope. Believe me when I say, if the mattress opened up and swallowed me at my lowest point, I would not be writing this to you. But I held on to the only hope I know and that is God. The only thing I had left was prayer and I didn’t know if God was there or listening and at times questioned his existence. But thank ya Jesus he was there and he heard my prayer and didn’t let the mattress swallow me or let me die in my sleep. He has a purpose for me and he has a purpose for you. My prayer is that you receive this and you know that the word “hope” is in “hopeless”. Let’s just agree to pray for healing for all. ❤️

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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