I’m a Sinner and I Like It That Way

“I’m a sinner and I like it that way.” That’s a quote I don’t hear directly but I hear it indirectly almost daily.

Somewhere along the way the “church” and the “Christians” have set precedence to our society that if you do blah blah blah then you are NOT a Christian and if you do blah blah blah then you are a Christian. It’s not working, trust me. I know more agnostic and atheist people today than ever.

This is what I hear from older generations and they grew up in strict church doctrines, fear-based beliefs, and fear-based homes. They were scared to smoke, drink, dance, go to the movies, and just do normal things that young people do. If you keep telling anybody “no” enough, they will break out. They will do it in spite, do it as a resentment, a choice of freedom and some never go back. Could you blame them? And as a result of it, they have religious trauma. Yes! That’s real trauma.

And then I hear “if that’s what a Christian looks like or that’s how your church treats people, I don’t want no part of it.” Boom! Let me talk to the people representing. The lines of Christianity and non Christianity have become blurred. There are people out there that never go to church that claim zero religion and don’t have a Bible or a cross hanging and are treating folks better than the “Christians”. They are helping the hungry, the homeless, the “I just got out of jail” person. They are representing Jesus rather they intend to or not. They are good hearts with compassion and empathy. You cannot hold a Bible in your hand while not having compassion or empathy. You cannot judge folks while your household is full of anger, lies and deception. You can’t just show up on Sunday and claim Christianity. That’s not how it works.

If you wanna win people then know that “love wins”. The first step is showing love, compassion, and empathy. Keep your mouth shut and listen to them. They’ll tell you how they are hurting and broken. The next step is to quit judging folks. We can’t even fix ourselves so what makes anybody powerful enough to tell others how to live. Accept people as they come. We’ve all got issues. And most of us have the same goal to get better. And if you’re worried about their soul, leave that up to God. When folks want to open themselves up to more and they will. You don’t have to push anything down their throat. Just love them or else they are just gonna keep liking being a “sinner”.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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