The Peacemaker

Last week I blogged about the Enneagram type 8. I know them best because I am one. This week I’m going to focus on type 9 because they are very near and dear to my heart. I have a son and several close friends that are type 9. If you know a type 9 you know they are loved for their essential qualities.

Type 9’s have peaceful energy about them. That’s because they are known as the Peacemaker. They are nonjudgmental, reassuring, patient, peaceful, receptive, empathetic, generous, gentle, excellent mediators and agreeable.

They are people, pleasers, due to their sensitivity. They want all to be good, and comfortable. The goal is to keep the peace, so don’t rock the boat. It’s why you will most likely meet them more resigned.

Nines want to avoid conflicts and tensions so that things can be preserved as they are, to resist whatever would upset or disturb them. When conflict arises or the boat gets rocked, you will see them get more stubborn, procrastinate, worry, feel unsupported, doubt themselves, and seek affirmation from authorities.

When they feel their world is not whole and they don’t have inner stability you may see them dissociate, repress and deny it until the boiling point of boiling over and exploding. We can support them by allowing them to acknowledge their anger. Don’t push them or rush them.

They can relate to different perspectives if we give them time to figure out the answer. They are processors in their thinking and feeling or if overwhelmed they are in the daydream mode of “Doing and Sensing”.

If you resonate with any of these behaviors or characteristics, you may be a type nine or you may have a family or coworker that’s a nine. If you are interested in exploring more of the Enneagram types, please reach out to me on social media or at

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