Generational Curses

I was asked the question the other day, “How is a generational curse broken?” That is a great question. I want to give you my interpretation and explanation of this question.

First the term “generational curse” sounds worse than it is, it’s not a curse. Curses are intentional, generational curses are not intentional. The “curse” is innocently passed on traits, habits, thoughts, beliefs, and characteristics from our ancestors. Those things are passed down to us through our parents and generations before them. From birth, we learn from our environments. It’s why I say being racist, homophobic, hating, and other toxic traits are taught.

We are born innocent without thoughts based on other people’s words or actions. It’s only when we start learning words and defining our feelings that we develop the traits we are taught and not who we are which is our true self.

For me, my learned concept of love was it’s okay to be in relationships with those who did not give me what I needed. I learned to settle. I learned that if I do ABC then they will love me and the more I do, the more they love me. Not true! That was my mother’s thoughts and beliefs. It was her concept of how to be loved. Where did she learn that? Her mother believed that if you take physical and emotional abuse from a man and keep your mouth shut (because it’s the early 1900s) that it will be okay and that was her concept of love.

The “curse” is broken when someone in the lineage understands that everything dysfunctional and toxic is no longer acceptable. We understand we are not our mother, grandmother, or great. We know we don’t have to do as they did, think as they thought, or believe as they believed. We understand there’s a better way, a healthier way, and we can stop the process and break the patterns.

We have permission to be our true selves. We do not have to believe, think, feel or make choices based on those before us. I encourage anyone resonating with this to find the dysfunction in your family tree and be a generational curse breaker!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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