Your Voice, Your Boundaries

Keeping our mouths shut to keep the peace is not always keeping the peace. It may keep peace on the surface but on our insides, our well-being is not at peace. Choose your battles wisely but don’t stay silent to make others comfortable. Your boundaries are your priority!

I had a neighbor introduce me to another neighbor the other day. We all walked together one morning this week. As we walked we talked about a multitude of things. I noticed the new neighbor would interrupt me when I spoke and wouldn’t let me finish my thought.

The 3rd time she did it, I kept talking and then I said, “I wasn’t finished talking. Before you interrupted me I was going to finish my sentence with this…” and I continued my thought. I told her in the kindest tone I could find that she was rude and inconsiderate and she felt her words were more important than mine because she talked over me.

The old version of me would’ve kept my mouth shut to make peace with the new neighbor but this new version of me no longer bites my tongue to keep others comfortable.

After speaking up and protecting my boundaries, she felt uncomfortable enough that she cut her walk short with us. I made no apologies for standing firm. Interrupting folks is just plain rude. It’s a character flaw that says your words are more important than others. Trying to finish people’s thoughts or sentences because you’re too impatient to wait is also an issue.

Just a reminder that you have the right and the ability to protect your boundaries. Respect has lost its way in our society but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your self-respect. Stand firm and deeply planted but pick your battles wisely. For it is the palms that sway that survive the storms. Not the Oaks that break and splinter when the wind blows.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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