Born as a Hyaena but Trained like a Lion

A friend of mine recently went to Johannesburg Africa and went on a safari. He shared stories, videos, and pictures of his adventure. The magnificent beauty can not be detailed in words.

He shared one video that is seared in my mind. It showed 5 lions grazing on a zebra they took down for a meal. Not only could you see them but you could hear them crunching the bones. As they casually laid by a body of water and grazed on their prize, the hyaenas watched in the background. In the wheat-colored fields, they watched. They watched for the last lion to finish and leave. And when the last lion licked his lips and left, the hyaenas came in for any scraps.

That video stuck in my mind and I thought how it was so parallel to our lives. There are lions out there that plan strategically, they watch and hunt. They are brave and take risks to get what they want and what they need to survive. Then there are hyaenas out there that are just waiting and watching. They are waiting for anything to be given to them.

Here’s the thing, if you were born into a family of lions then you are trained and skilled to be brave and to get what you need. But what if you are born into a family of hyaenas? Do we just watch, wait for anything to be given to us?

If the hyaena can observe and strategically know when it’s safe to go in for the scrapes then they can develop the skills to strategically watch, hunt, and get their prize just like the lion. It’s the fear that prevents them. They believe just because they were not born a lion they are not properly equipped. Fear is a liar!

If you want folks to underestimate you, then let them watch you dismiss your fear. Let them sit in the background and watch you find the skill within you to get your prize. Because when you look like a hyaena, nobody thinks you have the skills, know-how to strategize, know how to hunt and kill your prize. Just because you were born into a family that didn’t train you and show you the skills you need does not mean you don’t have them. You do not have to sit and wait for someone else to lick their lips and leave you the scraps. You must believe you are better than what you’ve been given. You must believe you have the same ability as the lion.

Trauma is a liar! Fear is a liar! The spirit of doubt and confusion is a liar! The naysayers are liars! Don’t believe the lies you’ve been told, that’s been passed down from generation to generation. And if you have gotta leave the pack of hyaenas to build your confidence then do what you need to do. Whatever it takes to develop your skill and get your prize. Just because you were born into the hyaena family does not keep you as one. You’re a lion within. Straighten your crown kings and queens, we have prizes to get.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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