There was a big miscommunication between me and two friends the other day and as I reflected on the communication and the breakdown of what was said, I thought about the following:

As I read this and analyzed the situation, I realized something. I realized that if we are not living in the present, at the moment, that our mood challenges us to hear.

As I blogged earlier How to Receive Your Predestined Moment if our mood is thinking about tomorrow, I might be anxious or worrying about what is to come. If our mood is grieving the past, our mindset may be depressed or emotionally distraught over something that is over and past. In both situations, we are not present and we are thinking about days that are out of our control.

If our mood is not good due to either one of these then we are likely not going to hear our intuition, be aware of our spiritual awareness. This leads to the next check ☑️, we are not listening.

Not listening gets us in trouble in everyday life. I know occasionally I get distracted by a text or a phone alert while someone is talking to me and I miss something they said or didn’t hear them correctly. If we can’t listen to important conversations due to distractions that usually are about yesterday or tomorrow then I know we miss hearing our intuition.

To those of you praying and seeking an answer for whatever you need, I encourage you to stop, be still, stop worrying about tomorrow or meditating on yesterday. Your answer could be right before you and you’re missing it because you are not listening and your mood is challenging your spiritual awareness. When you get desperate for answers and miracles to happen, you will shut down the world to focus on what you need to hear.

Don’t let miscommunication prevent you from getting your predestined moment or not hearing your prayer be answered.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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