Are You Blessed?

If you’ve followed me long enough on social media or my blog then you know my purpose in telling my stories is not only for my healing but it’s also to educate and help others specifically about narcissists. Since I’ve been blogging about narcissists and studying them like I’m taking a psychology exam, I meet people almost weekly that want to share with me about one of their narcissist relationships. Before I started blogging I never met a soul that opened up to me about narcissists. Coincidental? You know the answer, I think not.

Last night I met 2 young women in their early 20s, and without giving a lot of details, they wanted to know A to Z about narcissists. They asked me so many questions and their minds were like little sponges absorbing every word. They were so grateful for what I told them, not only did I get many “thank you”, multiple hugs, one of them got my information and took my business card. She wants to help me with my purpose by getting me on TikTok. She’s a marketing major and knows marketing technology. She said, “what you are telling us, you need to tell the world and you must have a presence on Tik Tok to get to our generation and go viral.”

Why I am sharing all this with you? Because I’m going to tell you that connections are not coincidental. I keep saying it and I’m going to continue saying it. People you meet are for a reason. Everyone knows something that you do not know. Which makes it more obvious that we are here to help each other and by serving our purpose, utilizing our talents, our passions, and spiritual gifts. If we are not giving back to people, we are missing out on many blessings.

Blessings are not just about having all you need but having enough to share. We need to have enough time to share with others, we need to have enough money to share by helping those who don’t have enough, we need to have enough energy to help others in need of us. What if I never stopped to talk to them. I could have easily focused on the baseball game, blown them off, and justified it. But thank ya Jesus I didn’t take that route or I would’ve missed out on my blessing.

Will you join me by committing to share yourself with others, not only to bless them but to receive your blessing? Let us serve our purpose on why we are here and that’s to help others. Let’s get blessed this week!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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