Trust God

If you have read my Dealing to Healing story, you may remember the quote from my therapist “I share your excitement. Your whole life has prepared you for your Dealing to Healing project. Very much looking forward to hearing all. With love, respect, and many blessings, your favorite shrink.” If you noticed she used the word project. If you’ve seen my YouTube video, you’ve heard the word project. I purposely have used that word because I don’t want to call Dealing to Healing, just a website, a blog, a social media platform. I’m not going to label anything that I’m not sure what it is going to be. I’m trusting God will take it where I need to be and allowing it to unfold organically. It’s been suggested that I write a book, that I move forward in other avenues. While I’m honored and appreciate all suggestions, I want to be still until I know that it is definitely in the plan. We can make all the plans we want in life but things can change in a snap. What you plan, what you dream, what you want, may not be the direction of steps ordered. I believe often we get ahead of the flow by labeling things, trying to direct it or redirect it, and not leaving room for more. I think about how many times I’ve labeled something, settled for what I thought I deserved but it could’ve been so much more. It’s a lesson that I don’t want to repeat. I believe in planning, and preparing but if life throws us a curve, know that it was for our protection, for our good. Sometimes it’s not a stop sign, sometimes it’s just a speed bump. Allow it and trust God with your whole heart. You’ll find out it will be better than you could ever plan or dream.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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