Don’t Block the Blessing

I wanna share a story about 2 people that did not know each other they only had a mutual friend. The mutual friend had connected them on social media. I’m going to protect their identity & use labels for their names.

Girlfriend A fell on some unexpectedly hard times. She had lost all her possessions and was starting over from scratch even with a home. She had been victimized by trickery, narcissism, and evil. Raise your hand if someone has ever tricked you out of everything you owned.

Girlfriend B had been blessed with more than enough. She had a great family that supported her and saw her parents bless others with gifts. She was a firm believer in paying it forward and carrying out her parent’s tradition. Not only did she give financial gifts but she gave the gift of time by listening. She gave her time by helping. She was a giver that had a heart bigger than her body.

The mutual girlfriend had connected the girlfriends through social media but they had never met. When girlfriend A fell on hard times, mutual girlfriend shared with girlfriend B about A’s hard times and how she felt so bad for her.

Girlfriend B felt she needed to help girlfriend A. She wanted to help her because she knew she needed help. B reached out to A and asked for her Venmo I. D… Girlfriend A was overwhelmed with tears of gratitude when girlfriend B deposited enough money into her Venmo account to change girlfriend A’s life.

I know this is a heartfelt, great story but get the moral of the story here. Moral #1…There are always angels in your midst. But guess what, they may not look like you, think like you, believe like you or you may have not even met them. We have to be open to everyone until they prove differently. If A never accepted B as a friend on social media then A would’ve never been blessed. And B would’ve never been blessed to give.

Moral #2…If A had been bitter from her misfortune and was shut down because of a pity party then she would’ve missed her blessing due to her shame, guilt, and anger.

Moral #3…If the mutual girlfriend didn’t feel so much compassion and empathy for girlfriend A then she would’ve never shared her misfortune with girlfriend B. Don’t dismiss your compassion and empathy and intuition. God also has messengers but you can only be the messenger if you’re open to being utilized for God’s purpose.

We can only be open to all things when we let go of judgment, let go of anger, and allow our love, compassion, and empathy to guide us. What blessings are we missing when we are not open to others? What blessing are we missing when we are not open to being utilized? I pray you find openness and allow your heart to guide you.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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