Underneath Betrayal

The worst pain I’ve ever felt is the pain of false intimacy. Believing someone loves you and is loyal to you but then betrays you is game-changing pain. It will make you build walls and never trust again.

I’ve learned betrayal happens for many reasons. It happens for resentment, greed, anger and it sometimes happens because they agree with you.

Let me explain. Have you ever told someone something in confidence, it was a vault secret and they betrayed you by sharing your intimate information? Maybe they told the person, your spouse, your parents because they agree with you and they want the person to know but don’t have the courage to tell them so they will say “you said”.

I’ve experienced it and witnessed it. If I say “I think the pastor is long-winded.” They will agree and high-five me and then wait just a minute to go tell the pastor I said he was long-winded. Now I’m telling y’all when this happens and people betray you through false intimacy it’s because they do not dare to tell on themselves. People will look you straight in your face and say the most painful hurtful things to you saying someone else said it when the entire time they are thinking it too.

We must ask ourselves why is this person betraying us? Sometimes we gotta stay in our lane just a little while longer to find out the real deal. Is it because they lack courage and can’t speak into the mic themselves? Maybe they are like Judas and are greedy and will betray you over 30 pieces of silver. You know some folks will get loose lip, Lucy, for a good meal at Ruth’s Chris. Maybe it’s because they are resentful and have underlying anger and/or jealousy. I’m telling ya, getting that new car or shoes can cost you a relationship. Folks will betray you real fast if they are mad about your blessing.

Betrayal comes in many many forms so we must be careful when we share our opinions or thoughts. We must be careful what we share with others, even on social media. I know you’re excited about your blessing but the haters are not. We must remember that all kisses are not kisses of love. Judas kissed Jesus right before he betrayed him and crucified him.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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