Narcissism in Relationships

Protect Yourself from the Toxic Traits of Others

One of my long time favorite online psychologist, Dr Henry Cloud wrote the following and is offering an online course regarding the subject. Link below article.

There are so many reasons that we all need to learn the truth about pleasing others. There are few things that will affect you as much as being a people pleaser, either in business or in life. It basically hands the reigns of your life over to others, and remember, you are not usually their number one interest!

But, since we are all wired for relationship, we do care what others think, and this is a difficult one. I would encourage you with this thought: Please the right people, the good ones who also care about you and whom you care about and want to serve. They will be with you, even when you decide on something they do not like. The ones who want to control you, or only are there to get something from you, might be disappointed or even mad when you make a decision that is different than what they want. But if they are only “with” you to get what they want, better to find that out now rather than later.

We want to serve others, live for others…..but it always has to be the right others. The ones who value your decisions to do what you think is right. So, love people, but please the ones who are pleased by your doing what is good and right, even if it is not the agenda they want. This is a big, big issue.

If you’ve been in a relationship with a narcissist, you may have struggled with people pleasing. If this is something you can relate to, now is the time to take advantage of early bird pricing for my upcoming workshop, Narcissism in Relationships. Hit the button below to sign up, and if you have any questions, reach out to my team by replying to this email. e button below to reserve your spot!

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