Love Your Negatives

Number seven on the list of Louise Hay’s Power of Self Love is Love Your Negatives. We all have negatives or what we interpret as negatives. We need to accept all parts of us even the ones that are not considered positive to us or others.

I know I am challenged with distractions. If you are talking to me and something as simple as a person walking by, a text, a call, or noise, I will stop focusing on you and look at what has got my attention. I have done that all my life. I understand that it may come across as rude, inconsiderate, or unprofessional but I know that I try very hard to not allow it to distract me. I believe that for every perceived “negative” we should find the positive in the negative.

In my case, I think being distracted can be a positive in the sense that I can juggle and keep my head on a swivel. It came in great when I bartended. I could take your order, make a drink, stock beer, hear a conversation and wipe a spill. I can also talk to you while keeping my eyes in the back of my head to make sure I’m getting my purse snatched or pickpocketed. I can also hear two conversations at the same time. Comes in handy when people talk over each other and are too rude to wait.

We must learn to embrace our negatives and flip them around to be an asset and not a liability. In some cases, we may just have to accept that is who we are and as long as it is not interfering with our life, it is acceptable. Sometimes we just need to accommodate the negatives. For example, I have friends who cannot get up and are always late to their 9 to 5 jobs. In my opinion, they need a career where they can sleep until noon or do a later shift. The hospitality industry and entertainment industry is full of opportunities that you don’t have to be at your desk at 9 am.

Let’s quit beating ourselves up for what we perceive as negatives. Definitely don’t allow others to beat us up. They can’t change their negatives so don’t let them work on yours. We should embrace every part of us. It’s who we are, our DNA, and the way God made us. Don’t apologize because he doesn’t make mistakes. Love yourself including your “negatives”.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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