Find Your Happy

I am trying my best to stay on track with my commitment to y’all about Louise Hay’s podcast regarding The Power of Self Love but if you’ve followed me long enough you already know I blog from my heart and soul. When it comes up, most of the time it has to come out. Why? Because I believe it is a word for someone. Not only am I speaking to myself but it applies to someone else.

This is what I want to tell y’all. There are some people so unhappy and they’ve been so unhappy for so long that they forgot what happiness feels like. Have you ever waited too long? You waited years to take that vacation, eat at your favorite restaurant or attend your favorite event. All you remember is it felt good, it was fun and exciting. But it’s been so long that you have forgotten the exacts of the moment. You have forgotten the details of it.

I believe that’s how unhappy folks are when it comes to finding their happiness. They’ve been unhappy for so long and so miserable for so long that they have forgotten the details and benefits of being happy.

Here’s the thing…you know them, I know them. Always complaining to everyone, even on social media. They are mad about the news, gas, the electric bill, their kid’s teacher, life in general. Nothing is good in their life. It’s not that they have that many bad things happening in their life, it’s they cannot recognize the good because they are just not happy. They may say “thank ya Jesus” for the moment but wait….there it is, another complaint.

I cannot help them, you cannot help them. The first step in recovery for anything is wanting it. If you want to be happy then you will find it within you. Nobody is going to make the news pleasant, lower the price of gas or your electric bill just because you complain. Most of the time complaints fall on deaf ears anyway. I encourage everyone to find happiness. Meditate on the times and periods in your life when you were happy. It’s still there just like your vacation, restaurant or event, just make your way back to the vividness of it and you’ll find it. Let’s all find our happy!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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