Accepting Our Journey

Accepting is a wonderful place to be. When we understand that everything happens for a reason and everyone is a teacher, we start believing life is like dot to dot. We have to connect the dots to understand it.

As I was telling a couple of friends of mine, we have to do A, B, C before we can do D. We have to do 1,2,3 before we can do 4. I understand that we want to pass over the pain, grief, and stuff that doesn’t feel good but is part of the experience. If you think about every terrible situation in your life, divorce, bankruptcy, illness, and even the passing of loved ones, we learn from the experience.

We learn lessons about love through a divorce, we learn financial responsibility through bankruptcy, we learn to appreciate our health through sickness, and through the death of loved ones, the list is endless. I’ve seen people quit smoking, drinking, prepare for their mortality with plots, pre-burial arrangements, change their entire course of life due to a lesson they learned from a loved one passing.

Everyone we meet knows something we don’t. Yes! Everyone is a teacher. We may not allow them to teach us because we may not like their behavior. It’s okay not to like the behavior, just don’t judge it. And don’t allow their behavior and actions to have power over your behavior and actions. Remember we are all on different paths and we just have to meet people where they are because more than likely we’ve been there or might go there.

It’s why it’s so important not to judge. It could be us. It’s easy to judge the game from the stands when you’re not on the field. Who knows maybe you’ll be on the field one day and make the same mistakes. You know the saying, “never say never”. You’re children and grandchildren will make you a liar every time.

We must remember the next time we are going through a terrible time, that it will pass and we will be okay. There’s always sunshine after rain. For every valley, there’s a mountain. Learn from the lesson and thank God when it’s over that you survived. It’s just where we were supposed to be at that time on our path.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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