Who’s Got You?

Yesterday I blogged on trauma that breeds a lack of faith, the spirit of fear, and doubt. I want to expand on that from yesterday. Not only is it extremely important that we work through our traumas and heal but it is also important that we surround ourselves with those who believe in us as we heal.

As I’ve said, dismiss the naysayers, the spirit of fear and doubt in your environment. Let them go! We must surround ourselves with believers. Not necessarily believers in what we believe in but people who believe in us. They don’t have to look like us or have the same beliefs as us but they must believe in us.

If we know our calling, our purpose, we must have those around us that support whatever we are called to do. It doesn’t matter how crazy it sounds or off the wall, if you know it’s your calling or purpose, you must partner with those who believe in you.

The spirit of doubt and fear is real. It will make you do irrational things and make bad decisions. If your circle or tribe doubt you and don’t believe in you then they cannot support you. Support is essential for growth. The reason some of us have been repeating patterns for years is due to a lack of support. The abandonment wound comes from a lack of support. Our caretakers chose themselves, narcotics, alcohol, work, or someone else and left us to fend for ourselves. If we are not careful we will pick familiarity and comfort to support us but will find they will ultimately choose someone or something else instead of supporting us.

I don’t know but maybe Simon’s fishermen didn’t believe in him. Maybe they should’ve said, “hey let’s take more than one net.” I think they had the spirit of doubt too. If you’re in my boat I want you to say “Hey let’s take all the nets!” I want you to jump in the boat and row to the deep. Believe that we are going to catch more fish than we can process, make some money and eat good. That’s what the power of belief and support does!

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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