In Honor of Moms 87th Birthday

In honor of my mother turning 87 today, I went down memory lane last night. I got out my mother’s box of pictures that she held near and dear to her heart and I found this one. I’m not for sure but I believe she and my daddy were still newlyweds in this picture. You can’t tell they were two broken and hurting people. They tried for 13 years to get through the pain but just couldn’t make it work out. I do believe he loved her or wouldn’t have waited until he was in his 40’s to marry her. Yes! He didn’t marry until he was in his 40’s. And she loved him even though she had an abandonment wound. It’s hard to tell when someone actually loves or even knows what love is when they have been abandoned.

I’m sorry for their pain and their heartaches but I’m thankful for the prayers that gave me hope and kept me holding on. I’m thankful for my survival skills and my lust for a better life. I’m thankful for my parents that loved me the best they could and kept me.

And that’s the thing, there is always something to be thankful for in life. It could’ve been much worse. It took my pain and their pain and suffering to awaken me to a better world. It took all the passed down generational trauma for me to break it. Remember no matter what happens in life, we must not lose hope. We can never give up or give in. Pain passes and hope always blooms even if it takes 5 decades.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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