Practice What You Believe

Day 15 of my media detox and I’m 1/2 finished with 2 of my books, “Experiencing God” and “The Awakened Brain”. Both talk about spirituality, one from a religious view and the other from a scientific view. A lot of the views are parallel especially one and that is faith.

Since I’ve been reading and absorbing every little nugget, I’ve been trying to practice what I’ve been reading and what I believe. We can read and believe as much as we want but if we don’t practice then it doesn’t serve its purpose. I think faith is like reading a recipe. We can read it, believe we can cook it, and believe it will be good but until we practice it, we will never know and the more we practice, the better we get doing it.

Here’s my baby step in practicing. I have a space heater that I lurve, that’s one step above love for those who don’t know. It’s part of my morning and evening ritual since I don’t like the central heat on in the winter. It bothers my sinuses and I don’t sleep well so the space heater knock’s off the early morning chill with my coffee in the mornings. Last night I had it on after my bath and all of a sudden it went out. Just stopped and wouldn’t come back on. I didn’t get upset I just thought well you had a good run for 5 years. I started looking online for another one and this particular one was painfully expensive. More than I wanted to afford. So here I go, “God, I need to find this heater please Lord let me find it for my budget-friendly price.” Now I’m believing as I continue to look online. Then I felt I should go to my NextDoor app just to see if maybe by chance there was one for sale. And as soon as I typed in “heater” it came up. It was a newer model and it came with it’s twin oscillating fan. Both for $30 and it was located 6 miles from me. I reached out to the owner and picked them up this morning.

I’ve thought about the entire experience off and on all day. My thoughts have ranged from why did it go out, was this a time to practice what I’ve been reading and believing, was I supposed to meet this owner for a reason, and so much more. If I was telling the story to my shrink she’d say “don’t overthink it” so I’m going with that.

I do believe it was not coincidental. It was the perfect opportunity to practice what I’ve been reading. It was a baby step for me to know if the little things can work out so can the big things if we just believe. Faith is a lot like selling, if we don’t ask for the sale then we will never know if they will buy. I also believe that our spiritual awareness brings what we need to us. As I say, look for the signs, listen to the gut talk, be familiar with your intuition. Walk in your purpose and it will come.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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