Give The Best Of You, Not The Rest Of You

If I could give you anything from all my experiences, I’d give you a gift of self-care. It is a must that you take care of yourself. We are all exhausted mentally and emotionally.

Since I’ve been on my media detox, my quality of life has improved. I’m not waking up to how many people are sick or died. I’m not listening to the new wave of high crime or the enormous amount of people poverty-stricken in our society. Political spats and ridiculous ridiculing others for their convictions. I’m not on edge every day because of a tragedy that I have zero control over. I promise if you turn off the tube you will not miss anything. They’ll still be talking about the same thing or something similar next week and next month.

I also don’t miss the comparison of life on social media. Look what I bought, look what I did, what I ate, where I went, who I’m with, or how wonderful my life looks. Which doesn’t mean it necessarily is wonderful. That’s why I call it Fakebook. Please don’t misunderstand, we (me too) love sharing our stuff with our friends but some just overshare and many of our friends and followers start comparing. Supposedly studies show that social media is causing depression among many due to comparing which some equate to competing. We should never compare or compete with anyone at any time. Each person has their path.

I want you to take care of yourself like you would your children, your parents, your best friend. It’s easy to tell our friends and family to take care but are we doing it for ourselves? Times have changed since March of 2020. We are living under a black cloud of sickness, death, failing businesses, a level of fear like we’ve never thought about experiencing in our lifetime, and uncertainty with no promise of an end in sight. Our nervous system was not built for what we are experiencing plus our stuff before the pandemic.

Be kind to yourself. Tell others they’ll have to wait. Turn off the tv, phone, and social media for an hour, a day, and see how you feel. Pretend you went on a cruise with no cell, internet, or cable service. Then do you! Give everyone around you the best of you not the rest of you. 💕

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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