🚩Red Flag Review🚩

If you have been resonating with the red flag posts regarding the traits or characteristics of a narcissist, then I just want to review for those who may have missed one, two or the entirety.

🚩Caretaker was a Narcissist – First I think it’s important to know how the one was raised. If the caretaker was a narcissist, you’d only know this by asking family, friends, or if your possible narcissist shares stories with you. Note – just because the caretaker is a narcissist does not mean the child will be but there is a chance because the child is not loved as needed and not allowed to explore themselves as an individual. Usually, the child of a narcissist is an empath or a narcissist, depending on the condition of the unconditional love.

🚩The Silent Treatment – If someone can go days, months, or years not communicating with you, this is more than just ghosting, this is called the silent treatment. It’s the narcissist way to control the dynamics of the relationship by executing their power to show you they are in control of the relationship. It is also a form of punishment for saying or doing something they may not like that you did. The silent treatment allows for the narcissist to shut down any possible confrontation or controversy for their actions.

🚩Gaslighting – Manipulating you by words and actions not matching. It’s meant to confuse the victim to question what is real and not real. It’s bullying to make you mad, defend yourself, only for them to say “I’m joking”, “You’re sensitive”, “Quit being so dramatic” if you are hearing phrases like that after being verbally or emotionally abused, it’s more than likely gaslighting.

🚩Control Freak – They want control of everything from the thermostat to your schedule. They may invade your personal space like phone calls, texts, emails, spy on you, or do a silent control by setting a vague expectation. An example is, they will say “I’ll be there Saturday.” without giving you a real-time but expecting you to be ready no matter what time they show up. Remember the silent treatment is a form of control too.

🚩Narcissists ruin holidays, special occasions, vacations, and more. If you have someone who is consistently ruining holidays, your birthday, special occasions, drama, and fights, highly possible that they may be a narcissist.

As always I am not dictating that someone you may love is a narcissist but you should know and recognize red flags. If you resonate with any of this or have more than one red flag, I encourage you to research it, talk to a professional therapist. Remember your intuition and your energy tell you more than you realize, listen to it.

Published by Dana

Creative writer about my life and life lessons. Survivor of abandonment, addiction, narcissist relationships, and trauma. Still dealing while I'm healing. Thank you Jesus!

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